Permanent Makeup

How do I find the right permanent makeup artist to do my permanent makeup?
A. It’s very important to have the right permanent makeup technician, one who is going to give you
the right color and shape to enhance your looks so that you will enjoy all the benefits that are
presented. Even if a permanent makeup artist was referred to you, it is always a good practice to look at pictures of their work so you can actually see what kind of work they do. The permanent makeup artist should also be able to provide you with references. What you want is a person that really knows the techniques of permanent makeup. You have to select your permanent makeup technician /artist with care and make sure they have enough experience in the field of permanent makeup. As with any other professions, there are technician that do good work and then there are the ones that can fall short. When talking to a permanent makeup technician, here are some pertinent questions you may want to ask.
.How long have they been doing permanent makeup?
.How many procedures have they done in the area of interest?
.Do they have pictures of their work?
.Will they provide references?
.Do they use a topical anesthetic?
.Will they go over the procedure with you and draw what they are going to do on you
before the procedure is started?
.Do you have a choice of colors?


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