Natural lasting Permanent Makeup Eyeliner that you won’t ever need to think about

Tell me that you are one of those girls that has to set aside 15 minutes just to get that eyeliner perfect.. I have a solution for you! Everyone knows that eyes are the most colorful feature on a person’s face. Making them sparkle even more by framing them can be easily done with color. If a client wants to enhance their eyes with a more stunning, darker color or even a softer beautiful natural color, knowing what colors to use or mix is the key. Black is the most popular color for eyeliner because the middle (pupil) of everyone’s eyes is black; it’s the perfect color to frame most people’s eyes. It is important to know that a carbon based black color, sold in the industry for eyeliner, has a smaller molecule size that makes up the deep black color. Due to the elasticity of the skin around the eyes, the carbon based back enters the skin easily. Only an experienced permanent makeup technician should use a carbon based black color because the lower molecular count in the color could contribute to the skin being sensitive to migration. If the color is implanted incorrectly, it will cause the color to migrate outside the intended area.

Debbie McClellan has had 22 years experience in the permanent makeup industry performing permanent makeup as well as being a renowned author of multiple books & DVDs for the permanent makeup industry which has made her an icon in the field of permanent cosmetics.

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