15,000 Happy Ladies!

Technique Is The Key To Natural Looking Permanent Makeup/Microblading
My name is Debbie Mcclellan. I have been a Permanent Makeup artist for 25 years with over 15,000 happy ladies. My extensive training as a cosmetologist/makeup artist gives me an edge to be able to accomplish as natural or made up look that each client desires.
  • Specializing in Permanent Makeup/ microblade brows, eyeliner, enhancing lip outline and full lip color.
  • Author of 4 manuals/books and 5 DVD’s on Microblading and Permanent Makeup
  • Licensed Cosmetologist /Makeup Artist
  • Certified Dermatician in Microdermal Pigmentation (Permanent Makeup)
  • Feature in Day Spa and Body Beautiful magazine
  • Reasonable Rates
  • Clients are welcome to a FREE book “I Love My Permanent Makeup,” authored by Debbie.
  • Owns a Permanent Makeup supply company with her own line of colors and topicals sold worldwide
Hundreds of salons and doctors offices refer Debbie. Many of her clients drive from far away or fly in to place their trust in her expertise when it comes to performing beautiful Permanent Makeup/ Microblade procedures of brows and also eyeliner, enhancing lip line with color and full lip color.


Have you ever wished you could be less dependent on makeup and still look good? Now there is a way with permanent makeup!

It is an exciting procedure, a cosmetic form of tattooing in which color is implanted within the skin and can look more natural than makeup.

Imagine makeup that won’t come off during jogging, swimming or exercise. It offers beauty and freedom for active people of today.

The medical use of permanent color for camouflaging can be traced back 150 years. Physicians have successfully used tattooing of colors to disguise birthmarks and various kinds of scars. For many years, medical articles have been written describing the use of permanent makeup colors iron oxide, natural mineral, thus assuring us the safety of using it permanently for eyelids, lips, and brows.

Debbie's Reviews


Holly Mosier

I agreed to have my picture on Debbie’s book cover because I trust her as a permanent makeup artisti. I started out as an actress, then became a lawyer. Now I’ve begun a popular health and fitness website… Needless to say, my life has been busy. Having my makeup, brows, eyes and lips done permanently with color is one of the best things I have done for myself. Waking up without that washed out look is priceless. Now that we know how to keep ourselves looking permanently beautiful through the day, I invite you to visit me at www.FollowHolly.com to stay fit and healthy too!


Jacky Caswell

“I’m in the gym alot either working out or training people. They always ask me why my makeup looks so good and I always tell them about Debbie. It is so nice to wake up in the morning time with my makeup looks as fresh as I just put it on. I recommend Debbie to all my friends, clients and relatives.


Sofia Rivera

“My cousin referred me to Debbie. She had her eyebrows and eyeliner tattooed by Debbie and they look amazing. I had my eyeliner done and I am beyond satisfied. Debbie is a professional and even helps by giving you pointers/advice. Feeling comfortable and at ease is very important when getting a tattoo (especially one on your face) and I can honestly say that I felt both. Definitely recommend Debbie.”


Terri Kelly

I would never go with anybody else but Debbie to do my permanent makeup. She knows what she is doing. She did plenty of measuring to make sure they were going to be even. She knew exactly what color to use for me. I have told all of my friends..”


Adriana Hockicko

I would never go with anybody else but Debbie to do my permanent makeup. She knows what she is doing. She did plenty of measuring to make sure they were going to be even. She knew exactly what color to use for me. I have told all of my friends..”


Ann Marie Baker

“My permanent makeup looks so natural. My friends don’t believe me when I say I have had it done. My husband has even complimented me on how nice I look when I wake up. I am now almost a makeup free lady. I am proud to tell anyone I meet about Debbie and how great it is to not have to deal with applying makeup and watching it disappear in the daytime.”


Gabrielle Gaydos

“I would not trade my permanent makeup for anything. It makes my day every day. Just looking in the mirror and seeing my makeup look as fresh as if I just put it on ten minutes ago makes my life just that much easier. You don’t know what you’re missing if you haven’t had your permanent makeup done.”


Annette Garcia

“My hair dresser told me about Debbie. I was so pleased to meet her. Her experience made me feel so comfortable. She helped me pick out the colors and drew on exactly what I wanted. In fact, she even made my makeup look nicer than I thought was possible. I tell everyone about my wonderful permanent makeup, that I wouldn’t trade for anything”


Sarah Collins

“In the last 17 years Debbie has been doing permanent makeup for the nurses and clients in my office building as well as myself with beautiful results. I am a nurse anesthesiologist and office manager at a very busy plastic surgery office. I never have to worry about my makeup smudging or coming off. My brows are shaped so much better, my eyeliner is perfect all the time and my lips always have color to them. I think having my permanent Makeup done was one of the best decisions I have made!”


Carol Shuttleworth

“I have had so many compliments sense I had my permanent makeup done. My makeup never looked this good and it doesn’t even wash off. I still think it is too good to be true. People tell me I have beautiful eyes now. They never said that before Debbie did my permanent makeup.”